Who are We?

Who are We?


Innovating a pioneer educational process aiming for a pioneer global society that commits to the values.


Developing a premium Hi-Tech educational platform through facilitating an interactive innovative educational environment which motivates students and arms them with right skills and values enabling student to be part of humanity and universe enhancement.


• Good citizenship and liability 


• Contribution and transparency 


• Islamic values, moderation and tolerance 


• Technology, innovation and leadership 

Our story was inspired by the educational field in which we work, our demanding need to enrich the educational domain that relates to our culture as well as Arabic and Islamic topics, also it comes from our desire to keep abreast with the rapid changes in our time and tackling its challenges through innovative vision that we possess by embedding the educational process with the modern technology.

A purposeful educational platform, contributes in supporting and enriching culture and the Arabic subjects via interactive digital content, the student travels in a journey of six stations that covers the skills and concerns of the 21st century derived from the Ministry of Education Curriculum and its vision, providing an innovative, interactive and enjoyable learning environment in accordance with the latest standards that enable the student to acquire the expected traits, skills and knowledge taking into account the varied learning abilities of the students and the different types of intelligence.