What makes us special?

Artificial Intelligence

We have deployed artificial intelligence into the education process because it empowers educators with the ability to overcome some of the biggest challenges in education nowadays. AI enables to innovate modern practices in the domain of education and achieve continuous development. This integration is executed in Sama’s Platform software coding which analyzes the student’s data and accordingly activities are tailored to suit the student’s level, it enables the student to record his voice and perform the assigned tasks; in addition to the database and the performance standards which enables the teacher to estimate the student’s performance according to these standards.

21st Century Skills

21st century skills contribute in empowering students with the essential knowledge, skills and experience to succeed in the work field and tackle daily-life challenges of the current century, that the educational content of Sama Platform is designed in the light of the 21st century skills that are related to learning in the different grade levels, in order to ensure the readiness of all students to the university stage and work market, to raise a generation of thinkers and learners who solve problems creatively, and develop the spirit of co-operation with others at home and in the workplace.

Educational and Recreational Games

Guided by our experience in the teaching field and our creative and innovative vision, we integrated the educational process with meaningful educational and recreational games (Learning through games). Educational research confirmed that learning through games has effective impact in serving the educational process, it helps in growing the memory, enhancing thinking and cognitive growth., enables the student to acquire skills and knowledge, exploring his capabilities and potentialities. Accordingly, we have deployed games in a motivating and encouraging manner to attract students’ attention and involve him in the educational process.


Stories are effective educational methods in the educational process, it is universal literary art, so we created large collection of pictured and readable stories, roaming between the realms of reality and imagination which has a great impact in arousing the interest of the learners, and developing the different types of thinking, and reinforcing the Arabic identity and culture, enriching the learner’s vocabulary through the series ( Abi Mansoor Family, which is presented in an interesting and enjoyable style.


We have designed a set of assessment tools to monitor the learning process, measure the student’s academic achievement, and assess his progress, through periodic reports that explain the student’s performance level and his abilities, which enables to identify the strengths and develop it and the skills that need to be improved depending on the assessment standards.

Distance Learning

Sama Platform supports the distance learning by providing safe and easy access to the student, and promotes self-learning, as well as the student has the opportunity to use it around the clock. Students can use it during school time, at home and while moving around. There is no need for the student to use the platform in the presence of the teacher, or under the supervision of parents at home, as they can follow up him remotely.